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Spectacle Lenses

Thin Lenses

In the past, thick and unsightly lenses were used whenever powerful spectacles were needed. Nowadays, thinner, lighter, clearer, more durable and easier to clean lenses are now available in glass or plastic.

The latest spectacle lenses are more attractive and more comfortable due to the use of the latest hi-tech materials.


Lenses can be obtained scratch resistant and by adding anti-reflection coatings onto the surface, this provides glare-free vision especially at night. It also enhances the appearance of the wearer.


Bifocals are used to present close up and distance vision. There is a line across the lens dividing the two areas of vision. However, there is no middle vision thus making it sometimes difficult to view prices clearly on the shelves of a shop display.


Varifocals are the preferred alternative to bifocals as the lens provides a full graduated range of vision from far and near, with no unsightly separation line across the lens.
Varifocals come in a wide variety in design and performance and our optometrist will choose a lens suitable for your specific needs.

Brands we supply are:

  • Transitions
  • Varilux

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