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Prescription Sunglasses

Polarising Sun Lenses

A large amount of light coming into the eyes comes from polarised sunlight being reflected by smooth horizontal surfaces such as water, snow, ice, wet road surfaces, windshields etc. This causes glare and reduces contrast and visiblity, as well as altering our perception of colour and shape.

The polarising sun lens offers the wearer the ultimate lens for driving, fishing, boating and winter sports when the sun is shining. You can add polarising sun lenses to your new glasses from just 50.

Transition lenses

These are special lenses that change tint precisely when needed. Transition lenses react quickly to every situation, sunlight or shade, indoors or outdoors. They are virtually clear indoors and can rapidly change to a stylish tint outdoors to give protection against harmful glare. These lenses give 100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation. The available choice of tints are brown and grey and are shock and scratch resistant. They are made from lightweight plastic (much lighter then glass lenses) and respond to light changes in seconds.

The transition lens offers the wearer a one pair does all approach, for changeable weather or if your popping in and out of the shops. Again, you can add transitions lenses to your new glasses for just 50.

Tinted Lenses

A tinted lens was once the be all and end all of sunwear lenses. These are normal lenses made to your prescription that have been coloured with varying shades of tint. Whilst, they are a cheaper alternative to Polarising sun lenses and transition lenses, they only offer a fraction of the benefits. Tinted lenses are only really suitable for moderately sunny conditions.

European regualtion for lens tinting

Tinted lenses are grouped in five defined tint strengths. For each class, a minimum level ofUV (Ultra Violet) protection is required.




Not recomended for


80 - 100%
Clear or very lightly tinted

Indoors or overcast



Light tint

Low Sunlight

Night Driving


Medium tint

Medium sunlight

Night driving


Dark tint

Bright sunlight

Night driving
(May not be suitable for driving)


Very Dark tint

Exceptional sunlight

Any Driving

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