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Contact Lens FAQ

What is a Contact Lens?

These are small lenses that float on the tear fluid of the eye, hence the name contact lenses.
They are made to your prescription so that you will be able to see, without the need for spectacles.

Are they a lot more expensive than spectacles?

In the past they were a lot more expensive, however with recent improvements in technology, the cost of contact lenses have now become comparable to buying spectacles.

Are they comfortable to wear?

Over the past few years lenses have been made softer, thinner and more flexible, making them extremely comfortable. Within about 5 days, the average person will be completely adjusted and forget they are wearing contact lenses.

Are they available for any prescription?

Most people wearing spectacles would be able to wear contact lenses, since they are available for a wide range of prescriptions.
There are now even special lenses for people who wear bifocals and for those with astigmatism.

Can I still keep my spectacles?

Countless people alternate between spectacles and contact lenses to suit their particular lifestyle. Some only wear them for special occasions or when they need to look their natural best, the rest of the time they use spectacles.

What types of lenses are there?

Actually there is a wide range to choose from. There are daily, weekly or monthly disposable lenses and even longer term ones. The disposable lenses are made from a soft plastic material, whilst the longer term lenses are made from a similar but harder material.

I'll get the lenses mixed up with each other?

Contact lenses are supplied in a special case with two chambers, one for the left eye and the other for the right. Ideally it is best to start with the right eye first and then move to the left eye. Inserting and removing in this way, makes sure that the lenses will be correctly placed.

How do I put the lenses in?

The most common method of inserting lenses is as follows:-

  • Place the lens on the tip of your forefinger, it should look like a bowl.
  • Place the middle finger near your lower eye lashes and pull down the lid.
  • Using the other hand, use a finger to lift the upper lid, then place the lens on the eye.
  • Gently release both lids then blink a few times.
  • Do likewise for the other eye.

There are other methods of inserting the lenses, and should the above not be suitable, then our staff can consider finding a better way of doing so.

How do I take them out?

Providing that you have short finger nails, the simplest way to remove contact lenses is to use what's known as the "Pinch Method".

  • Look up and slide the lens down to the white of the eye using a finger.
  • Gently pinch the lens between the thumb and forefinger and carefully remove it.

There are other methods of removing the lenses, and if the above is not suitable, our staff can consider finding a better way of doing so.

Are there any available for a special occasion?

There are some unique lenses that can actually change the colour of your eyes, and some even have a design instead of a colour:-

  • Acuvue Colours - Available in Daily Disposable
  • FreshLook Colors - A dramatic eye colour change for dark eyes (available in 6 colours).
  • FreshLook ColorBlends - A subtle colour change for both light and dark eyes
    (available in 6 colours).
  • Wild Eyes - Great for parties or to get yourself noticed.

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