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Custom eyewear for sports and recreation

Whatever sports activity, there is probably some eyewear that will not only give protection to the eyes, but may also help performance.

  • Swimming goggles and diving masks are now available with or without prescription lenses, so that the wearer can see whilst swimming or under water.
  • Snow and ice sports activities have special eyewear designed to help with vision, as snow reflects 80% of the UV light.
  • Sports goggles, for children or adults, are designed to give protection from fast moving balls, fast moving bats or rackets and even fast moving limbs .
  • Spectacles for shooting may help the wearer improve aim as well as protecting the eyes.

There can be a certain resistance towards wearing protective sports eyewear, especially with children. Sports goggles are fast becoming accepted, similar to the way that bicycle helmets have been.

Even non contact sports such as badminton or tennis could become dangerous to the eyes, with the shuttlecock or ball travelling at high velocity.

Frames today are made from a high impact resistant plastic and have rubber padding on the side to cushion any blows. To meet safety standards, the lenses are made from polycarbonate, which is the most impact resistant lens material currently available. These lenses have UV protection and are also scratch resistant.

All of our sports eyewear is available in prescription and non-prescription

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